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Why have your trainers restored?

They don't make Adidas Trainers like they used to do but unfortunately, Vintage Adidas Trainers do not age that well either. That is where we can help you.


We offer three different services on our website.


Service 1 - Trainer Deep Clean and Refresh


Are your favourite trainers looking a bit worse for wear? Engrained dirt from memorable experiences? We know how it is… All you want is for your beloved trainers to look like they once did again. Using game changing products from brands such as SneakersER and Angelus brand we are able to use our finely tuned skills in order to make this possible. Your shoes will undergo a deep clean and lots of suede work in order to restore that plush nap once again, they’ll come back to you with a new lease of life.


Service 2 - Trainer Clean and Re-Dye


In addition to the process explained for a deep clean, your trainers may require colour being put back into them in order to give them that new look once again. This isn’t a problem however, colours are matched specifically to your trainer before several coats are applied over a longer period of time to ensure that smooth finish. All trainers will be restored to exceptional standards as seen in the photo gallery and additionally receive a layer of protective coating to enhance the quality of the finish.


Service 3 - Full Trainer Customisation


Our custom trainer work has received many praise on social media from all corners of the world. Such praise has resulted in an influx of customers coming to us looking to achieve that dream colourway they have always wanted. Both leather and suede is something that we look at customising up to the very highest standard so feel free to enquire for your own specific request. Please do take notice that with all customisations, it is near impossible to customise a trainer with a black base colour to great effect.


Call us or email us for more information.


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